Duck feast 2019

Crispy duck, delicious red cabbage, honest potato pancakes and home-made autumn desserts, delicate wine…Enjoy it all!

Visit us at Hotel Sobota*** and experience our rich Duck feast 2019.

Duck feast menu 2019

Served in our restaurant at Hotel SOBOTA*** from 23 September 2019.


Duck liver roasted on bacon and onion served with lokša (potato pancake)

90 g (1,3,7) 4,90 €


Hokkaido Pumpkin Soup

0,33 l (1,7,8) 3,50 €

Main courses

Duck breast Sous-vide on Cranberry and red wine sauce, served with baked potatoes

200 g (7) 13,90 €

Roast duck breast Sous-vide served with red cabbage, lokša (potato pancake) and Carlsbad dumpling

200 g (1,3,7) 13,90 €

Confit duck leg served with red cabbage and Carlsbad dumpling

300 g (1,3,7) 14,90 €


Lokša (potato pancake), with homemade curd cream and poured salted caramel

120g (1,3,7) 3,90 €

Lokša (potato pancake), with plum jam

60 g (1,3,7) 2,90 €

Wine recommendations

Dunaj, Juraj Zaprazny

Dry with attribute selection of grapes, south Slovak region.

Dark red wine of clear ruby color. The taste of this wine is full, fruity, well structured and elegant. Fragrance is dominated by forest fruits and dark chocolate.

0,75 l 19,00 €