Reservations and terms of purchase

Reservation Guarantee

Reservation is valid after being confirmed by the reception.

Check-in and check-out

The room is at your disposal on the day of arrival from 14:00 and on the day of departure till 10:00.

Cancellation terms for individual guests

In case of a cancellation of a stay, hotel charges the following fees:

  • 7+ days before check-in day: no fee
  • 6-2 days before check-in day: 50% of the total cost of the stay
  • 1 day before check-in day: 100% of the total cost of the stay

Cancellation with fee – the customer will receive invoice for accommodation via both email and postal service.

Cancellation needs to be submitted as soon as possible and in writing, stating: name of the customer, contact details and check-in and check-out dates. Cancellation can be submitted by email. The day of receiving the written cancellation notice determines the amount of the cancellation fee.

In the case of cancellation on the side of the hotel, the hotel is obliged to inform the customer immediately and the customer will be refunded full costs. Customer is not entitled to refunds for services they did not utilise by their own fault.