À la carte menu

Come over for gourmet specials from both Slovak and international cuisine. Fresh and local ingredients in combination with loving work of our talented chefs will take you on an unforgettable dining experience.

Cold starters

Beef carpaccio with ruccola and parmesan, baked bread roll with herb butter
70g (1,3,7) 4,80 €

Caprese mozarella, tomatoes, olive oil, basil, bread roll
125g (1,3,7) 3,50 €


Beef consommé
Extra strong beef broth with meat and vegetables
300ml (9) 3,50 €

Pumpkin cream soup
300ml (1,7,8) 3,50 €

Ždiar cabbage soup served with smoked meat
300ml 3,50 €

Garlic soup with cheese, vegetables and egg yolk
300ml (3,7) 2,50 €

Hot starters

Tiger prawns on blanched zucchini with baked bread roll with herb butter
100g (1,2,6,7) 6,50 €


Zander on herb butter, served with parsley potatoes and grilled vegetables
200g (1,3,4,7) 12,90 €

Hotel Special

Filet of salmon served on Sobota Salad
lettuce, feta cheese, olives, cappari, tomatoes, parmesan, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
200g (4,7) 15,90 €

Fillet of salmon on on black sepia risotto
200g (2,4,14) 14,90 €

Main courses

Chicken steak, served on herb risotto with parmesan cheese
200g (3,7) 8,80 €

Chicken steak on rosemary with potato fries
200g 8,80 €

Pork tenderloin sous-vide with mushroom sauce and potato dumplings
200g (1,3,7) 12,90 €

Pork tenderloin sous-vide baked with bacon, onion and smoked cheese, roasted potatoes
200g (7) 12,90 €

Sous-vide is a cooking method, during which the food is being prepared in a vacuum at low and exact temperature for a long period of time. Thanks to sous vide the food is cooked evenly at balanced
temperature and has unrivalled taste and consistency.

Fried pork Schnitzel, potato salad with mayonnaise
150g (1,3,7,10) 8,90 €

Fried pork Schnitzel XXL, potato salad with mayonnaise
250g (1,3,7,10) 14,50 €

Steak tartare with toast
200g (1,3,7,10) 17,90 €


A perfect steak is a true experience. Enjoy it the familiar way, with a side and sauce of your choosing, or try the unique steak experience à la hotel Sobota. We recommend a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or draft beer.

Sobota beef sirloin steak, served with potato dumplings, bacon and sour cream
200g (1,3,7,10) 18,90 €

Grilled beef sirloin steak
200g 16,90 €

Steak sauces

Green pepper sauce
0,1 l (7,8) 2,00 €

Mushroom sauce
0,1 l (7) 2,00 €

Herb butter
0,1 l (7) 2,00 €

Pasta & risotto

Spaghetti with tiger prawns and blanched tomatoes
200g/150g (1,2,3,7) 11,90 €

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with parmesan
300g (1,3,7) 6,50 €

Spinach risotto with pork tenderloin and parmesan
300g (7) 8,50 €

Spinach risotto with parmesan
300g (7) 6,50 €

Slovak specials

Pirohy (potato dumplings) with bryndza cheese filling, served with bacon and sour cream
300g (1,3,7) 6,50 €

Halušky (potato gnocchi) with bryndza cheese and bacon
300g (1,3,7) 6,50 €

Fried parenica (smoked cheese), served with cranberries, mashed potatoes and onion
150g (1,3,7) 7,90 €


Sobota salad
lettuce, feta cheese, olives, cappari, tomatoes, parmesan, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
300g (7) 7,80 €

Chicken Caesar salad
300g (7) 8,80 €

Side dishes

French fries
200g 2,00 €

Roasted potaotes
200g  2,00 €

Boiled potatoes
200g (7) 2,00 €

200g  2,00 €

English vegetables
200g 2,90 €

Grilled vegetables
200g 2,90 €

Vegetable side salad
200g 2,90 €

Potato salad with mayonnaise
200g (3,7,10) 4,50 €


120g (1,3,7) 2,90 €

Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream
110g (1,3,7) 4,70 €

Pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate and caramelised nuts
120g (1,3,7,8) 4,20 €

Pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate and with fruit jam
120g (1,3,7) 3,50 €

Vanilla ice cream with hot forest fruit
150g  (3,7) 4,20 €

We recommend having a look at the fresh desserts on display right in the restaurant. The art of local pastry-cooks not only looks great, but is a heaven for every sweet tooth.


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