Wine list

Each wine has its own character, which reflects on its aroma, colour and taste. Discover the best Slovak and foreign wines!

Wine by the glass

0,10 l Rulandské šedé, Chateau Modra Terroir
white, dry, quality wine
1,70 €

0,10 l Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Chateau Modra Terroi
rose, semi-sweet, quality wine
1,70 €

0,10 l Cabernet Sauvignon, Chateau Modra Terroir
red, dry, quality wine
1,80 €

Sparkling wine

0,75 l Hubert L´Original Brut
dry, quality wine
12 €

Quality sparkling wine can be reckognized not only by its characteristic aroma, taste and sparkling, but by its awards too. It has delicate continuous sparkling, tender bisquit aroma and exquisite taste, which make it a cherished sparkling wine. Thanks to its excelent features it intimately resembles France, country of its origin.

White wine

0,75 l Pinot Gris, Karpatská perla Varieto
dry, high quality wine
18 €

Golden colour and rich aroma of garden fruit with delicate nutty tone depict the character of this wine perfectly. In addition to the fruity taste of yellow melon, this wine is charming thanks to its fullness and pleasant polished finish.

0,75 l Chardonnay, Mrva & Stanko
dry, high quality wine
19 €

Fine brilliance of yellow and green colour, with delicate fruity aroma of tropical fruit, mostly of mango and orange and with the aroma of peanuts and honeycomb. The taste is grandiosely fruitfully delicious.

0,75 l Rizling rýnsky, Pavelka
dry, high quality wine
14 €

This variety came to Pezinok from the upper parts of the river Rhine. The bouquet stretches over fruit and basswood, higher quality comes with years. Good years have even petrolly character.

Wine is love.
The word “wine” comes from the word “venas”, which means “to love”. This word is the synonym of a sensual drink.

0,75 l Varieto Veltlínske zelené, Karpatská Perla
late harvest, dry
17 €

Rich in fruity aroma with spicy sensation. Fruity blend with the hint of honey permeates the taste. Almond finish.

0,75 l Tramín červený, Kasnyik Strekov
dry, quality wine
24 €

Lime-green tones with rich viscosity. Intense aroma of roses and grapefruit peel is accompanied by a structured full taste with balanced course and excellent finish.

0,75 l Devín, Nichta
dry, quality wine
16 €

Exquisite lime-green look with flowery bouquet. Fruity and gently spicy taste. Harmonious finish with the accent of grapefruit.

Rosé wine

0,75 l Cabernet Franc Rosé, Vinidi
half-dry, quality wine
13 €

Medium colour with strawberry tint. Features of garden strawberries and blackcurrants are present in the intensive aroma. The taste is fruity with sweet finish.

0,75 l Cabernet Sauvignon,, Karpatská perla
rosé, dry
13 €

The wine comes with pale pink colour and pleasant aroma of strawberries and redcurrants. The taste is fruity with juicy acidity and creamy aftertaste.

Red wine

0,75 l André, Karpatská perla Varieto
dry, high quality wine
12 €

Distinctive fruity aroma includes the combination of blackberry, forest fruit and vanilla husk. Pleasant, balanced and juicy taste filled with fruit is complimented with well-structured tannins.

0,75 l Prémium Hron, Chateau Modra
dry, quality wine
20 €

Bold dark red colour with the aroma of ripe cherry jam. Rich taste of chocolate and cherries will definitely charm you.

0,75 l Frankovka modrá, Mrva & Stanko
dry, high quality wine
18 €

Deep dark red colour with delicate fruity aroma. The taste is juicy and fruity with the prevalence of seed fruit and cinnamon, highlighted by the harmony of delicate acids and tannins.

0,75 l Pinot Noir, Pavelka
dry, high quality wine
17 €

Full quality wine with the taste and aroma of black raspberries or forest strawberries. After aging it is orangey, has velvet-like spicy character, with tanbark taste. Aged in new oak barrels.

0,75 l Paves Cuvée, Pavelka
dry, quality wine
32 €

Charming wine with plentiful fruity features, pleasing harmony and superb structure. Classic with the potential of aging. Historically the first commercial cuvée, aged in barrique barrel.

0,75 l Cabernet Sauvignon, PD Mojmírovce
dry, quality wine
15 €

Intensive crimson colour. Bountiful aroma combines the tones of blackcurrants and blackberries. Unique and rich taste of forest fruit jam is complimented by excellent tannin.

0,75 l Frankovka modrá, Žitavské vinice
dry, quality wine
30 €

The perfect Frankovka by the book. Dark and deep colour. Intensive aroma of cinnamon and sweet fruit in combination with spices, which infuses the taste. Thanks to 12-month-long aging in barrique barrel, the wine has grown into perfect elegance. Amazingly harmonic and balanced with fresh and playful acid. The finish is long, with chocolate tones.

0,75 l Alibernet, Strekov 1075
dry, quality wine
23 €

Bold crimson colour tones. Aroma and taste of dark forest fruit, blackcurrant and specific velvet finish give the wine an excellent character.

0,75 l Prunotto Fiulot Barbera d‘Ast
dry, quality wine, Italy
16 €

Crimson wine with the aroma of red seed fruit, mostly cherries, with impressive spiciness and the tones of liquorice. The taste is centrally fruity, mostly ripening cherries and plums, with attractive acids, wooden feature and fresh fruity finish.

0,75 l Estolla Reserva Tinto
dry, quality wine, Spain
12 €

Glowing ruby red colour with the tones of brick and ochre colours. Smooth and complex aroma of ripe berries with spicy feature of nutmeg, tobacco and vanilla. The taste is ideally balanced with long finish characterised by herbs and spices.

Dessert Wine

0,75 l Dilemure Aurélius, Karpatská perla
dry, high quality wine
22 €
Grapes come from Suchý Vrch vineyard. Attractive amber colour. The floral and fruity aroma is dominated by apricot and pear. Pleasant surprise is the enjoyable sweetness resembling acacia honey and spicy acids.