Castles & cultural attractions

Do you love stories of the past or cultural events? Holidays under the Tatras offer rich experience for you then. Discover the awe-inspiring castles and culture of the Tatra region.

Spišský Hrad | Hotel Sobota*** - Ubytovanie a reštaurácia, Poprad - Tatry

Unique Spiš castle

National cultural heritage, listed in UNESCO as well, Spiš castle (Spišský hrad) is truly a remarkable place worth visiting. The vast castle complex lies on a huge area of 4 acres and is a great destination for an all-day trip. We recommend stoping over in the nearby historic towns of Levoča and Spišská Kapitula. Trip to Spiš castle takes only 30min by car from Hotel Sobota***.

Hrad Stará Ľubovňa - Hotel Sobota***, Poprad, Tatry

Castle Stará Ľubovňa

Stories and traditions of the region await you in Stará Ľubovňa, located an hour by car from the hotel. The medieval castle is filled with attractions for both kids and adults. We recommend visiting the nearby open-air museum, where you will find many attractions keeping the folk traditions of the region.

Múzeum Ždiarsky dom - Hotel Sobota***, Poprad- Tatary

Goral traditions in Ždiar

Tatra village Ždiar is located only 30min by car from the hotel. A popular place for hiking in the Tatras and for the traditional Tatra architecture too. We recommend visiting the museum Ždiar house (Ždiarsky dom). To get a taste of the Goral cuisine, try the Ždiar cabbage soup from our menu.